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Khvostov’s works continue the tradition of the Russian avant-garde, first and foremost that of Kazimir Malevich. In his art one also sees a direct link with the early works of Pablo Picasso, the metaphysical landscapes of de Chirico, and the extreme geometrization of form seen in the works of Fernand Léger. His use of a vivid, contrastive color palette and his deliberate simplicity imbue the artist’s works with the decorative effect and irony of pop art.Painting is his medium. Khvostov uses themes from traditional painting genres – landscapes, still-lifes, portraits, multi-figured compositions – but also includes numerous «remakes» of world-famous works of art, from Leonardo to Jeff Koons. Nonetheless, his characteristic method of consciously simplifying form, freeing it from excess detail, and giving underscored roundness and cylindricity to shapes, in conjunction with his bold colors and large canvases, make his artistic manner original and easily identifiable.

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